Support students by deep conversation and critical questions

TEACHER|Help students express their opinion

We help over intermediate English speaker to express their opinions in a manner which is close to what they are thinking.

Rephrase and critical questions are the two main elements teachers are expected to implement.

We appreciate those who are friendly, like to communicate with others and good at encouraging students.

Please read all the documents below before you apply

To Provide The Best English Learning System

It is rare to see one TRULY master the English language after attending an ordinary English school.

Why not we provide a system where one can? Through this, we started Solo Language.

To listen well and express thoughts, feelings, and opinions both in writing and speaking.

Each student will be assigned a teacher and a coach to help them achieve our service goals.

  • Teacher: Help students express their opinion fluently through an online lesson
  • Coach: Help student’s daily studies

The teacher works with students towards the improvement of the student’s English speaking and listening abilities.

The coach works with students towards achieving smaller, short-term, or immediate goals through supporting their daily studies.

1. Environment

Homework based on the discussion is prepared coherently in correlation with the second language acquisition. To put it simply, students learn by ear, in English,”by” English.

2. Focus on student’s opinion

Content is everything in communication, and being able to express oneself is vital for achieving fluency in a language. What students over intermediate level should be able to do is to express their opinions in a manner which is close to what they are thinking with little to no trouble. A coach will rephrase their writing and teacher will rephrase their speaking at discussion class.

3. Questions

Rephrase is not enough. Both coaches and teachers will drill down and challenge their thinking by asking critical questions. That’s how students recognize what they truly would like to express.

Private Online Classes (30minx7classes/month)

The purpose of the class is to help students improve their English listening and speaking skills. The goal of the private class is that students express their opinions based on their writing homework which should be completed before the class. The class should still be offered even if students don’t do the homework beforehand.

The classes are conducted online and class time is flexible and negotiable with students. At the first lesson, you will choose tentative lesson date and time to lesson 7. Students are allowed to change the class dates and time until the last moment of starting the class through classroom chatting.

A class consists of the following:

  • Small Talk (a few min)
  • Discussion (25 min)
  • Feedback ( a few mins)

Tip: Feedback is one of our unique service. Please don’t underestimate the power of feedback. Our students truly would like to go to the next level and honest feedback do motivate them. Feedback should be very clear, concrete and fact-based. In order to do fact-based concrete feedback, you will need to observe students improvement in each class. Try to mention what they have learned and improved from last class. You may also want to point out how they can be a better speaker.


Rephrasing is one of our biggest service contents. We expect teachers to rephrase words, grammatical mistakes, even entire sentences or to summarize students’ opinions and expressions at least 10 times per class. The purpose is to guide students by offering suggestions for better or more natural ways to express themselves. Of course, it is also important to pick out mistakes or misuse of words or expressions from the students.


The Bottleneck for learning a language is “confidence”. Students won’t notice or feel they have improved even when they have. Your compliments and praises will always motivate students. Along with a coach, discuss and determine students’ progress and compliment them, even for small or seemingly minuscule improvements. The key is to give concrete feedback and NOT abstract opinion. We expect the teacher to give feedback to students at the end of EVERY lesson. You may give them oral feedback or if you think it’s easier to type down you may send it to classroom chat.


GOOD:Your “R” pronunciation has been getting better lately as your tongue rolls back properly.

BAD: Your pronunciation is getting better!

1: Share your opinons

2: Facilitate

Unlike ordinary English schools, we don’t really teach English from scratch. Instead, we aim to help students express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions by asking thought invoking questions which challenge students to think more deeply and help students express them in the best way possible.

3: Flexible

We are a venture company, and rules, as well as class contents, change monthly because we want to provide the best service possible for our clients. We expect teachers to be flexible and adaptable in accordance with these changes.

1: Required Skills and Traits

  • Fast Typing
  • Enjoy communicating with others
  • Good at encouraging and motivating others
  • Friendly
  • Living in Japan, Taiwan or Korea for a half year or more

2: Preferred Skills

  • Good at asking thought invoking questions
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Experience In teaching English
  • Positive
  • We use “Google Hangout Chat” as the class platform. It’s the paid Google function called, G suite.
  • To access your class, we will provide you with a teacher ID when a class or student is allocated to you.
  • Wifi quality is extremely important, therefore, we will confirm the quality of it on the date of your demo class. Please be at a place you will potentially give classes after you join us so we can get an accurate feel of how your internet connection is going to be.
  • You will have to confirm with our Admin when changing the location you offer classes to confirm the quality of your internet connection like when you are traveling for example.
  • Teachers need to be in a place where there is no one around with no outside or background noises. Cafes are strictly PROHIBITED as background noise will affect the quality of the lesson.
  • Teachers are NOT expected to use headphone or earplugs because the conversation will NOT be recorded by LOOM.
  • Teachers have to give classes through a laptop because lessons involve a lot of typing.
  • It is acceptable to give 1-hour classes by combining two 30 minute lessons done in one go when changing class times or if it the student find it convenient.
  • Even if they don’t submit homework before private class, teachers will still have to call students and have a private class.
  • If you won’t be able to teach the following month’s class, please notify Solo Language admin a month before.
  • Classes are usually offered around 10 am – 10 pm Japan Time depending on the time teachers and students are available.
  • During the first month, Admin will look at all of your classes and give you feedback each time so you can handle classes better and improve.
  • After the first month, Admin will occasionally give you feedback based on your uploaded lesson videos.
  • Now and then, students ask you to change the date and time of classes. Please be flexible with this request.

We use “Loom” to record the class. Please download Loom for desktop beforehand and try test recording before the demo lesson.

※ Make sure NOT to use headphone or earplug when you offer class because the sound will not be recorded.

1. Go to Google hangout chat classroom

2. Post “Video Meeting” button 5min before at the classroom

3. After class, attach 3 things below on a classroom

a) The messages you typed during the class on “Hangout Meet”. Be careful when you close the video meeting tab, whatever you typed will disappear. Copy and paste before you hang up.
b) A class video URL generated by LOOM
C) Next lesson date and time with a specific lesson (Ex: 5th Tuesday 8pm-9pm, lesson 1 and 2)

※ The first class is extremely important in order to build a relationship with each other, and i expect the teacher to post “Video Meeting” button 5 min before the class start.
※ I expect you to make sure your environment is ready to offer class 5min before the lesson.

Payment Date: 30th every month.
Payment Destination: Paypal (Please refer to clause 15)
Wage: 1750 yen / 30min

1: Default class duration is 30min / per class
2: More than half of students prefer conducting 2 lessons in one go.
3: First Lesson 1 and 2 are combined because it is essential to take enough time to introduce each other. Please make sure to fill out your Payment sheet by 26th 9 am each month.
4: Only the “Actual Class” you offered will be paid. If students cancel or don’t show up it will not be covered.

The teacher’s salary is going to be paid via a Paypal account starting sometime this year. (Currently, we are paying directly to your bank account.) You will need to open or have an existing bank account with any of the following 6 banks in Japan and also register or have an account with PayPal. No transaction fee will be deducted by using PayPal and the full amount will be transferred to your bank account. Please make sure to open an account once you are officially accepted as one of our teachers.

  • Japan Post Bank
  • Mizuho Bank
  • MUFJ Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
  • Resona Bank
  • Saitama Resona Bank

Wifi quality is crucial to us. Please always make sure to have the second option to deliver the class in the case of connection and gadget trouble.

1: Be ready to use your mobile 4g tethering IN THE CASE of mal wifi
2: Be ready to have the second gadget to offer the class if your laptop stops
3: Make sure your wifi condition is ready at least 5min before the class

If we receive any messages from a student regarding bad wifi condition, we will have to ask you to leave. We are offering the class online and our service is not cheap.

If you would like to quit a teacher, please notify our staff as soon as possible and expect you to look after your existing students until lesson 7 of the month.

Here are some cases we have to ask to end our contract

  • Not being able to offer 2 classes without prior notification to students or our staff
  • Being late for classes twice or more
  • Wifi condition report from students
  • Whatever the reason to have trouble in offering a comfortable class environment

If you have read through the entire document and are still interested in a position, please ask for a demo class implementation at luke@solo-language.com or directly ask any staff member you know. Here are the new 5 steps after you submit an application below this document.

  1. Confirm your demo class date and time.
  2. Execute a demo class! Demo classes count as an official interview with us.
  3. Receive the result and if accepted, begin your work with us!
  4. Fill out the teacher registration link sent from our staff to officially register as a teacher.
  5. Start teaching!


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